The perfect pixel in time makes the client happy!

Keep everybody on the same page about what they're working on and their priorities. With Team Allocator you can make it clear on what your team should be focusing on! Prevent miscommunication and make sure you work on what moves the needle.

Need to find someone for a specific task

Need to quickly find out when someone with a specific skill will be available for a project ? Quickly search your team for someone that can get the job done.

Find out where your time (and money) goes

Some clients hijack all your time, and bring none of the money. Find out who they are with TeamAllocator’s reports so you can deal with them.

Features that will help you

Flexible Booking

Schedule 1 hour or 1 month. You want 5 hours a day during a week? No worries!

Simple Visualization

Each project has a custom color defined by you. You will have a clear picture of everyone’s schedule.


Slice and dice for an overview or details. Check the percentage of the daily allocation or the distribution of the allocation. You can also see details for each person.

Everyone syncronized!

No more going through several emails, calendars, spreadsheets and whiteboards. One place rules them all!

Individual availability

You can set each person’s availability. Someone only works 4 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday? Easy!

Check schedule conflicts

Did you schedule more time than was available for someone? You'll have a clear view on those cases!