How can we help your business?

Understand where you are, and prepare for the future.

Flexible Booking

Schedule 1 hour or 1 month. You want 5 hours a day during a week? No worries!

Simple Visualization

Each project has a custom color defined by you. You will have a clear picture of everyone’s schedule.

Time off tracker

Life isn't all work right? You will be able to check when people are going to be off and prepare for that. You can create your custom types of absences.

Everyone syncronized!

No more going through several emails, calendars, spreadsheets and whiteboards. One place rules them all!


You can tag each person with specific tags for easy filtering. You can add different skills, location or whatever is important to you.

Easy Filtering

You can filter by project, client, name or by tags! Quickly find everyone involved in a project or with a specific skill.

Check schedule conflicts

Did you schedule more time than was available for someone? You'll have a clear view on those cases!

People management

You can add or remove people at any time. Someone left? Archive them and keep all their history.

Individual availability

You can set each person’s availability. Someone only works 4 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday? Easy!


Wether you manage yourself, your team or your company, we’ve got you covered in terms of roles and permissions.


Slice and dice for an overview or details. Check the percentage of the daily allocation or the distribution of the allocation. You can also see details for each person.

Something missing?

Need something that we don't have? Get in touch!