It's all about a satisfied client!

You manage a software services team. You need to know what client and project everyone was, is and will be working for. When they’re working billable hours and when they’re idle. Team Allocator gives you that and much more!

Actually charge for your work

Knowing what everyone has been working on helps you bill your clients accurately. Don't miss those billable hours!

Always know what new projects you can take

Clients want to know quickly if and when you can take on a new project, and TeamAllocator helps you answer on the spot. Increase the effectiveness of your team and your billable ratio.

Capacity planning

Are you overwhelmed or is the project pipeline drying up? Quickly find out if you need to scramble to make those sales, or hire additional team members.

Find out where your time (and money) goes

Some clients hijack all your time, and bring none of the money. Find out who they are with TeamAllocator’s reports so you can deal with them.

Features that will help you

Flexible Booking

Schedule 1 hour or 1 month. You want 5 hours a day during a week? No worries!

Simple Visualization

Each project has a custom color defined by you. You will have a clear picture of everyone’s schedule.


Slice and dice for an overview or details. Check the percentage of the daily allocation or the distribution of the allocation. You can also see details for each person.

Everyone syncronized!

No more going through several emails, calendars, spreadsheets and whiteboards. One place rules them all!

Time off tracker

Life isn't all work right? You will be able to check when people are going to be off and prepare for that. You can create your custom types of absences.

Check schedule conflicts

Did you schedule more time than was available for someone? You'll have a clear view on those cases!